How Can You Improve Your Winter Driving in Colorado?

January 2nd, 2023 by

Get Ready for Winter in Colorado - Emich Chevrolet in Lakewood, CO

Drive Safer During Winter in Colorado with Useful Tips from Emich Chevy

Colorado has already been hit with some pretty significant winter storms over the past month. This has made driving around the Denver Metro region and the rest of the state a more difficult endeavor. If you have been finding it challenging to get around town lately, Emich Chevrolet would like to share helpful winter driving tips with you. We want you to be safe throughout the year, and these tidbits of information will be valuable when you find yourself confronting slippery road conditions. From all of us at our Lakewood dealership, have a safe and enjoyable time around Colorado.

Tips for More Reliable Winter Driving

Drive Slower – We understand that this tip might seem pretty obvious, but it’s easy to find yourself going too quickly when you’re driving on snow or ice. As such, we suggest giving yourself extra time to get to your destination. Leaving a few minutes earlier than you typically would during any other time of the year will help you feel like you aren’t rushing. This also translates to handling the road, as you should avoid any sudden steering inputs to prevent losing control of your vehicle. 

Consider Winter Tires – Winter tires are a great addition to your vehicle if you want confident handling when the roads get tougher to navigate. Using their specialized tread pattern and deeper tread, they can displace significantly more snow than standard all-season tires for greater grip. Their rubber composition is also softer to keep more of the tire on the road even during freezing temperatures. Our Service Center will be happy to help you get a great set of winter tires installed on your vehicle.

Purchase an AWD Chevrolet – Having AWD is another way to greatly improve your overall handling capabilities during winter.  All-wheel drive provides power to the axle that can best provide traction when needed. If you currently don’t have an AWD vehicle, consider visiting the Emich Chevy dealership in Lakewood. We can help you get into a Chevy with confident AWD handling for your winter needs. 

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