Why are my brakes squeaking? (Signs your need new brakes)

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Signs for Brake Repair

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Signs Your Chevy Truck Needs New Brakes

At Emich Chevrolet, we want to keep you safe and your brakes in tip-top shape, so you can have peace of mind whether it’s on the highway or off-road. Safe brakes make for a safe trip, have them inspected today!

Serving our communities in the Lakewood, Littleton, and Centennial areas, our expert technicians at Emich Chevrolet are certified in a full suite of maintenance and preventative service tasks. Whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up on your brakes or your brakes are showing signs for repair, you can entrust our technicians to give you a comprehensive diagnostic on your braking system so you know exactly why and what is being repaired.

Although brake maintenance should be as routine as any other service need, overdue brake repair can easily sneak up on you. Here are some tell-tale signs that your car’s braking system is in need of service are:

  • Grinding or loud squeaking sounds while braking
  • Soft brake pedals or little resistance in pedals while braking
  • Excessive pulling to either side of the road while driving or braking
  • Vibrations in steering wheel while driving or braking
  • Noticeable burning or chemical-like smells after braking

We want nothing more than for our Lakewood area drivers to feel confident and secure before hitting the road, so schedule your next brake repair or service appointment with Emich Chevrolet!

Save On Your Chevy Brake Repair in Lakewood

Scheduling your next brake repair and service appointment with Emich Chevrolet, means you’ll not only be keeping your vehicle in peak condition, but keeping more money in your pocket! Our certified technicians will get straight to the bottom of unexpected mechanical hiccups, and are committed to providing any preventative maintenance to avoid larger, more costly repairs laters. We encourage all of our Lakewood area drivers to check out our service and parts specials to save even more on their next appointment!

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If your Chevy truck or SUV is experiencing any complications, contact us or schedule a service appointment at our Emich Chevrolet service center serving Lakewood, Littleton, and Centennial.

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